• Everything is vibration.

  • Producing and playing music is a life affair.

  • We are vibration.

  • Motoe Haus Releases

    Music to feel.

    Featured track - "Life Is"

    "Life Is" exactly this. Blended in a laboratory between time and space, Motoe Haus ignites the speakers with this phenomenal release.

    Featured track - "WAX (original mix)"

    WAX (original mix)

    Motoe Haus seems to have a special sauce for transcending sonic landscapes. This blazing record seems to blur the lines of techno in what can only be entitled "What Can". With over 40 incredible remixes from https://metapop.com/pages/promos/motoe-haus-what-can

    Featured track - "Nanorganic"

    Nanorganic fuses the sounds from techno, psychedelic grooves, and acid house. Forged in Ibiza and tested on dance floors in spaaaaace. ;)

    Featured track - "No Sleep ft: Mar Shine"

    The experiment of intentional electrorganic audio collision.

  • Sound creates movement.

  • Sound creates movement.

  • Creating music...

    ...is only one element.

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  • Inside the sounds of this moment.

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    Please contact Dani & Aixa at Dskonnect Agency